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Gold Plating (Electroplating) Services per MIL-G-45204, ASTM B488 gold plating Triplex Electro Chem Plating Company is an industry leader in functional gold plating services to Mil-G-45204 or ASTM B488. Our sixty years of expertise in providing precision barrel, rack and vibratory gold plating services is currently employed in numerous industries including the medical, telecommunications, aerospace and electronics industries.

Triplex Electro Chem offers a complete range of gold plating services including Type I, II and III purity deposits in both soft and hard gold formulations. Artistic has the ability to underplate with our various nickel plating services including both bright electrolytic nickel, sulfamate electrolytic nickeland electroless nickel deposits as well as copper plating or silver plating if required.

Gold Plating Services – Gold Properties

Gold plating has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, offers exceptional solderability and is a superb reflector of infrared radiation. In addition, gold is a noble metal that does not oxidize or chemically react under normal conditions. For this reason gold plating it is an exceptional choice for numerous engineering requirements where electrical conductivity (especially at low voltages), solderability and corrosion resistance are design requirements.

Gold Plating

Triplex Electro Chem Plating offers gold plating services in both 99.7% pure “hard” gold and 99.9% pure soft gold electrodeposits. Hard gold plating services are commonly employed in applications where repeated sliding or connection wear is a design consideration such as in female to male interconnect pins or sprung contacts. Artistic Plating offers hard gold plating that is alloyed with a small amount of cobalt to achieve the required deposit properties.

Soft gold plating services are commonly used where the highest of gold purity is required for soldering, bonding, high temperature or high corrosion resistance applications. The soft gold plating deposit provides an extremely pure deposit of gold, which maintains the low hardness, and high corrosion resistance of gold consistent with its elemental form. Soft gold plating is preferred for high temperature applications due to the fact that alloying elements of hard gold plating can oxidize at elevated temperatures.

The appearance gold plating is very much a function of the underplate that is applied prior to deposition of the final gold layer. If a matte nickel such as sulfamate nickel is applied, the final gold deposit will have more of a matte appearance. If a brightened nickel such as bright electrolytic nickel is utilized, the gold plating will have a bright appearance. As with any deposit, the luster of the basis material has a large degree of impact in the luster of the final gold plating.

Gold Plating Services – Gold Specifications

The two most common gold plating services certified by Artistic Plating are MIL-G-45204 and ASTM B488. Artistic can provide Type I, II and III gold deposits per these industry standards. Gold plating services to AMS 2422, AMS 2425 as well as most company-specific gold specifications can also be provided. A summary of gold plating services to ASTM B448 and MIL-G-45204 is provided below:

i) Gold Plating Services to ASTM B448-01


ASTM B448 underwent a major revision from 1995 to 2001. The Type callout of the ASTM was revised to parallel that of MIL-G-45204 such that the Type and Codes of the ASTM and MIL specs are synonymous. The Types listed below are per the current 2001 revision of ASTM B448.

Type I: 99.7% pure gold with a hardness ranging from A (90 HK25 max) to C (130-200 HK25).
Type II: 99.0% pure gold often referred to as hard gold with a hardness ranging from B (91-129 KH25) to D (> 200 HK25).
Type III: 99.9% pure gold often referred to as soft gold with a hardness of A only (90 HK25 Max).

Code A: 90 HK25 Maximum
Code B: 91-129 HK25
Code C: 130-200 HK25
Code D: > 200 HK25

Relationship Between Purity and Hardness (ASTM B488-01 and Newer)

Type Code
Type I A, B and C
Type II B, C and D
Type III A Only

Class Minimum Thickness [um]
0.25 0.25
0.50 0.50
0.75 0.75
1.0+ 1.0
1.25 1.25
2.5+ 2.5
5.0 5.0

ii) Gold Plating Services to MIL-G-45204

Type I: 99.7 percent gold minimum
Type II: 99.0 percent gold minimum
Type III: 99.9 percent gold minimum

Grade A: Knoop hardness 90 max
Grade B: Knoop hardness 91-129, incl.
Grade C: Knoop hardness 130-200, incl.
Grade D: Knoop hardness 201 and over.

If the hardness grade for the gold coating is not specified, Type I shall be furnished at hardness Grade A (90 Knoop max) and Type II shall be furnished at hardness Grade C (130 to 200 Knoop)

Purity (Type) and hardness (grade) relationship:

Purity Hardness
Type I A, B and C
Type II B, C and D
Type III A Only

Class 00: 0.00002 inch thick, minimum
Class 0 : 0.00003 inch thick, minimum
Class 1 : 0.00005 inch thick, minimum
Class 2 : 0.00010 inch thick, minimum
Class 3 : 0.00020 inch thick, minimum
Class 4 : 0.00030 inch thick, minimum
Class 5 : 0.00050 inch thick, minimum
Class 6 : 0.00150 inch thick, minimum

Our product range also comprises of Barrel Plating Services, Strip Plating Services and Nickel Plating Services.

A) Gold Plating Services

B) Gold Plating (HOT)

A) Gold Plating Services :-

We also hold expertise in offering Electroplating Gold, which is widely used for Jewelry and Decorative Electronic Items. This process involves deposition of a thin layer of gold on the surface of some other metal. Owing to its excellent conduction properties, the gold plating is also used in Electrical and Electronics Industry. In addition to this, it gold also imparts excellent corrosion resistance properties when deposited in surface of copper.

    Application Area :

  1. •Automotive
  2. •Telecoms
  3. •Electronics

B) Gold Plating (HOT):-

Our gold plating services are rendered under the guidance of our strict quality controllers, who make use of advanced machinery to ensure wear and tear resistant and durable finish.


  • Barrel Plating Services

    We have ushered in a range of Barrel Plating Units that are highly effective and efficient in electroplating of a variety of objects with different metals.

  • Strip Plating Services

    Our range of Strip Plating is widely appreciated and accepted by assortment of corporate clients.

  • Nickel Plating Services

    We offer a wide range of products which include Nickel Plating Services such as Electroless Nickel Plating and Nickel Plating.

  • Silver Plating Services

    Pioneers in the industry, we offer Silver Plating Services such as Industrial Silver Plating Service and Silver Plating from India.

  • Metal Component Plating

    We are a leading brand in Metal Component Plating such as Tin Plating, Copper Plating, Gold Plating and Metal Finishing Plating And Coating Services from India.

  • Continuous Strip Plating

    Our product range also comprises of Barrel Plating Services, Strip Plating Services and Nickel Plating Service.